Sopranos Season 4 Episode 13 "Whitecaps" Review

And here I thought I have seen probably the best episode of The Sopranos so far and then I stumble on this one! I think my mouth dropped to the floor when Carmella got that phone call from Tony's ex-mistress. I think she handled it beautifully.

You can tell the recent departure of Furio has left her weak and devastated. You can't help but feel for her even though she is married to Tony. It is not like he is Mr. Faithfull. The season finale tonight was absolutely amazing!

Season finales tend to be good ones but this one is at a whole different caliber. Seeing Carmella break down there was some relief to watching it. A lot of women have probably asked themselves, how can she let so much shit go without every reacting to it. But it finally has come to a head. This is an episode no Soprano fan will want to miss.


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