Kitchen Nightmares "Flamangos" Season 3 Episode 2

What a great night of Kitchen Nightmares. This is the first episode where I found an owner not to love the redecorating that Chef Ramsay did on their restaurant! It was a great night and a definate success story for the restaurant that Ramsay did a 180 on and named "The Junction".

There wasn't a lot of turmoil or arguements in this episode which a lot of Kitchen Nightmare episodes usually have, which is a sort of a disappointment, However, it was a great episode because he helped a family that was in need of a lot of help.

The old owner definately gave him a hard time, and was definately stubborn on the changes he wanted to make, it was humourous when he insulted one of the waitresses fingernails, which made this episode a 4 star in my eyes.

Looking forward to next weeks episode that shows to be a different kind of Kitchen Nightmare episode with a chef that just doesn't realize the negative effects he has on his restaurant.


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