MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “The Bad Guy” Review

Men of a Certain Age Season 2 Episode 4 - The Bad Guy

It’s time for two of the guys to definitively let go of the past and one to grab the future in the "The Bad Guy" episode of MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE. Joe is forced to stop seeing Lucy as a little girl and Terry chooses to stop seeing himself as an actor while Owen learns his dad really does see him as the future of Thoreau Motors.

Joe gets a double whammy tonight: his divorce is about to be finalized and he catches Lucy’s boyfriend Sadir peeing naked in his house. Daddy’s little girl is suddenly a bit too grown up. He tells Sonia, "I feel like it’s all going away from me," and you can see him aching to hold on to something familiar, but it’s not meant to be. The divorce, despite Joe’s occasional passive-aggressive comments, was getting a bit too amicable for me, so I love the raw and terrifically acted fight between Joe and Sonia, both for the issues raised and because it clears the air to allow for the more comfortable final scene between them. Sometimes divorce is the best thing to happen to a couple, and I think that will prove true for Joe and Sonia. Lucy and Sadir’s break-up, on the other hand, may be what gives Joe an aneurysm or heart attack. Nothing strikes fear into a dad’s heart like seeing his daughter drape herself over a tattooed guy, especially when he knows she’s already sexually active. How awesome are Ray Romano’s facial contortions there?

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