Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 19 "Elimination" Review

Tonight was a great and entertaining night on Big Brother 12. Though we might not have seen verbal arguements take place like last night when Rachel came back into the house. But Thursday nights always tend to be fun to watch because someone always gets sent out the door.

And with Matt holding the special Silver Veto that allows him to remove anyone from the block and replace them with his own choice (minus HOH and the Veto holder) you just never know who will be sent home. Ragan also finished off his "sabatouer" gig and was successful and is now $20,000 richer. He was so successful everyone was convinced it was Kathy.

When voting time commenced I could not wait to see what Matt would say and how the house would react to his special power. And it went smashingly. In the end, Matt replaced himself with Kathy who went home with a 5 to 0 vote. Meaning the Brigade is still intact.

We also had the HOH competition and finally we didn't have to wait to find out the results till Sunday. It was a remembering challenge and Brittney and Enzo were the final two competing. In the end, Brittney won HOH. Sunday we find out who is nominated.


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