Recap Third Watch: Season 2, Episode 14 - A Rock and a Hard Place

Third Watch Season 2 Episode 14 - A Rock and a Hard Place

It's a quiet day at the firehouse. Alex is happy that she's finally feeling like part of the gang, but doesn't want to be dating Bobby, so she tries to trick him into breaking it off with her by telling him that she wants a threesome... with another guy. Lombardo and the gang are still giving Doherty a hard time, so when Lombardo stupidly shoots a potato in the wrong direction and breaks a cop car window, Doherty takes the rap. Davis wants to meet Sully's girlfriend. Sergeant Christopher bullies Davis and Sully into helping him look for Bosco and Yokas who seem to have dropped off the map. When it becomes clear that something has actually happened to them, Christopher wants to cover it up so it doesn't look like his bad supervision, but Sully rats him out. It turns out that Bosco, Yokas, Doc, and Carlos are trapped in a basement while originally investigating a dead homeless man and then becoming engaged in a shoot-out with drug dealers who were keeping their heroin in the same basement. Yokas accidentally shoots Doc with a ricochet when she tries shooting at the locked door. Doc just barely survives the incident, and Carlos panics having to take care of Doc, while Bosco's fear of the dark comes to light and Yokas misses her daughter's birthday party. Davis's sharp eyes notice that the door to the basement is covered by a trash container and Sully, Davis and Christopher rescue the trapped foursome.

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