Recap Third Watch: Season 2, Episode 15 - Requiem for a Bantamweight

Third Watch Season 2 Episode 15 - Requiem for a Bantamweight

Bobby remembers his childhood best friend, Paulie, a boxer who couldn't quite make it and didn't know what else to do. Paulie's sister, Gina, comes looking for Bobby, saying her brother needs help. He's been shooting heroin, and when Bobby finds him he's close to death. Bobby takes Paulie to the hospital, but he leaves as soon as he's able. Paulie comes by that night asking Bobby for help, but he just steals the keys to Bobby's mother's apartment and then robs her. When Bobby confronts him and tries to flush his newly bought drugs down the toilet, Paulie shoots him, takes the drugs, and runs, leaving Kim to deal with Bobby slowly dying on a dirty bathroom floor. Sully finds out that Tatiana not only has a fully-grown son, but she has been in the country illegally for three years on a tourist visa. When Sully offers to help pay some of her bills, she instead proposes that they get married. Even though she doesn't love him, she likes him a lot, and she may eventually love him, plus he'd be a good father and husband. Sully is a little put off by her practicality. She explains how hard her life was back in her country and how she made a good life for herself and her son in the U.S.

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