Recap Third Watch: Season 2, Episode 17 - The Self-Importance of Being Carlos

Third Watch Season 2 Episode 17 - The Self-Importance of Being Carlos

After Bobby's death and a tough situation in which an elderly couple dies in an RV that falls off a bridge, Carlos and Doc are subjected to a stress debriefing. Carlos uses the opportunity to pick up the counselor and shows her his true callous self in the process. After sleeping with him, she recommends that he get sensitivity training, and Carlos finds himself stuck in the feel-good class with Bosco, who's a regular. Carlos realizes that he is truly lacking in compassion, and tries hard to learn it, but his fellow co-workers are incredulous that this is something he has to learn. He finally realizes that doing random acts of kindness makes him feel good about himself, which is a little step in the right direction, but he still has trouble dealing with humans on an everyday basis. Jimmy realizes that Kim is still having a hard time dealing with Bobby's death even though she says she's getting beyond it. Lombardo tells Jimmy that his girlfriend Linda is pregnant, but Jimmy is definitely not the father. Lombardo tells Jimmy that he's still his best friend.

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