Recap Third Watch: Season 2, Episode 18 - Honor

Third Watch Season 2 Episode 18 - Honor

Brooke asks Jimmy for a divorce. Linda tells Jimmy that the baby she is carrying is most likely his, and Jimmy is torn about telling Lombardo. The firefighters of the 55 play the firefighters of the 86 in a grudge match in which they almost kill each other, but lives are really on the line when they fight a five-alarm fire together later that day at an abandoned warehouse where a family of squatters were living. Jimmy gets his rival at the 86, Knowlins, out of the warehouse after he is severely burned, but Knowlins doesn't make it. Three firefighters die in the blaze, some of which were trying to save Jimmy. Lombardo, hospitalized, is not out of the woods, and wants to marry Linda as soon as possible to make sure she and the baby get his benefits. Jimmy tries to tell Lombardo about the baby, but Lombardo purposefully tells Jimmy to shut his mouth. Jimmy signs the divorce papers as Brooke asked him to.

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