Recap Outlaw: Season1, Episode 7 - In Re: Tyler Banks

Garza and Claire exit their limo to attend a black tie event at the Watergate only to find themselves amidst a demonstration. Theresa Kang from Miami's Children's Light, a group that advocates for children's rights, approaches Garza. Apparently Florida hospitals are kicking foster kids off organ transplant lists simply because they're in foster care. Garza invites Theresa to make her case during the elevator ride. Since most foster kids don’t have stable homes in which to receive post-operative care, hospitals are kicking them off their organ transplant lists. Theresa shows Garza video of 14-year-old Tyler Banks, who'll die if he doesn't get a liver transplant in two weeks. Impressed by Tyler's hustle and spunk, Garza promises to see what he can do, much to Claire's disapproval.

Meanwhile, Eddie tours his conservative, uptight girlfriend Bethany around Garza's house, aka the office. Bethany scoffs, asking Eddie if he has a 401K yet. She can't see how Eddie can be happy on Garza's team, and wants him to come work at her firm, even though they already turned him down. There's a party for their retiring head of litigation over the weekend, and she insists he come. Later, Garza assembles his team around the pool table. Apparently foster kids are being removed from transplant lists all across the country, but it's hard to gather stats because of confidentiality laws. Al's ready to start a class action suit, but Garza knows there's no time. They can't put the medical community on trial if they want to save one kid's life. Assigning Eddie and Lucinda to hold down the fort, Al, Mereta and Garza head to Miami.

Lucinda meets with Joan Melvoy in her car. Joan offers Lucinda a photo of the buzzcut guy seen skulking around Garza's house. Apparently he broke into an office and stole all of Lucinda's information. Since he's looking for his daughter, he's bound to come after Lucinda, who admits he already attacked Mereta. Joan wants to move "the girl," but Lucinda refuses; the girl is safe in a good home for the first time in her life. They're not going to let the buzzcut guy change that. Meanwhile, Garza meets with Tyler in his hospital room and immediately takes a shine to him. They josh each other about baseball; Tyler's a Cardinals fan, and can't see how Garza likes the Pirates. What Tyler can see is that he's going to die because no one wants to adopt him.

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