Recap Outlaw: Season1, Episode 8 - In Re: Kelvin Jones

The situation at the Cyrus Garza School in Hastings, Alabama has gone way south, as evidenced by its derelict condition, and the teenaged gangbangers who roam the halls armed with automatic weapons. When one of them open fires on a pair of students, innocent bystander Kelvin Jones is killed instead. Back in D.C., Lucinda has been ignoring Eddie's calls all night. In a tizzy, he point blank asks if she killed Kershaw. Lucinda laughs it off, just as Garza announces his intention to fly to Alabama to see what's really going on with the school that bears his name. The doorbell rings: Detective Farrow has a photo of Kershaw, and wants to know if he's the same guy who ransacked Garza's house. The Medical Examiner has ruled his death a tentative suicide; Farrow's just doing due diligence.

After Farrow leaves, Garza pulls Lucinda aside. Kershaw showed up just as she started working for him, attacking Mereta, ransacking the house, and tailing Garza. He's got to run to catch his plane, but they will talk about it when he returns. Eddie's not content to let sleeping dogs lie. He doesn't know what Lucinda's capable of - after all, she stole the identity of a dead Delaware girl, didn't she? Principal Menzies tours Garza through the Cyrus Garza School. Apparently Kelvin was an amazing student, who started a student government, a school newspaper and a tutoring program on his own. Shrines to his memory have sprung up all over the school grounds.

Garza's surprised to find that the school building lacks both heat and metal detectors. Principal Menzies explains that she's asked the district to provide resources to protect the kids, but they haven't. Garza moves on to the Jones' house where Kelvin's wake is in progress. Kelvin's mom Ellen introduces Garza to her daughter Kara and husband Randall, who immediately asks Garza to leave. It's too late for sympathy; the family tried to transfer Kelvin and Kara across town to Centennial Academy twice, but their requests were denied - the district never even responded! Adding insult to injury, all the white kids' requests for transfer are always granted. Now Kara's trapped in the school where her brother was murdered.

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