Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

On a bright Kansas City morning, we meet Todd Dempsy, fresh off management training. He rolls into the office ready to climb the corporate ladder as the new call center manager for Mid-America Novelties. But instead of finding a sea of happy faces ready to get to work, he finds a sea of abandoned desks and disconnected phones.

Todd's boss Jerry explains that the call center has been "right-sized," i.e., domestic jobs have been eliminated, and will be filled by lower-cost employees in India. He tells Todd what a great opportunity he's walking into – if he moves to India and succeeds, he'll be made vice president. If he doesn't, there's no longer a place for him at the firm. Faced with a mountain of student loans, Todd's got no choice but to start packing for his new life abroad.

Careening around the streets of Mumbai in a motorized rickshaw, Todd gets to know his assistant manager, Rajiv. Rajiv explains that his dream is to become manager of the call center after Todd leaves – whether Todd leaves in victory or disgrace. Rajiv is desperate to move out of his parents' apartment so he can marry his fiancée. They arrive at the call center, where Todd is greeted with equal parts curiosity and suspicion. Todd greets his new charges one by one, managing to insult just about everyone, in different ways.

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