Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 2 - Touched By an Anglo

Todd attempts to explain the latest novelty samples to arrive from the U.S.: risqué goodies for those participating in a bachelorette party. There's edible underwear, whistles, hats, penis-shaped favors, and more. The team doesn't really understand the concept of a bachelorette party, but Manmeet is more than intrigued. He's so excited, he accidentally shoots a phallic dart that lands squarely in Madhuri's forehead.

Todd's concerned some of the items for sale may be too explicit for this call center team. He consults with his boss Jerry in the U.S. who tells him he must give his team the official sexual harassment seminar ASAP. He fears a lawsuit. Todd dutifully shows the team the approved videos and tries to explain where the boundaries are in the U.S. workplace. But acts that are deemed appropriate in America apparently are still out of bounds in India. Even scenes of kissing are considered pornographic. Todd lets them all know that if anything makes them feel uncomfortable in the workplace, they're encouraged to call Mid America Novelties corporate complaint hotline.

Rajiv corners Todd in the breakroom. He's been listening to Todd's voicemail and reports that Jerry left a message saying someone has already complained on the corporate hotline. Todd wants the culprit brought to justice. Rajiv agrees, especially since the complaint is about Todd.

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