Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 3 - Measure of a Manmeet

Enjoying his morning coffee, Todd waits inside the break room for his employees to come trickling in to work. Asha greets him and then is shocked by the loud bellowing from a mounted deer head on the wall; it's the latest from Mid America Novelties. One by one the rest of the team comes in, each falling victim to the practical joke. Even Midhuri screams - though it's barely audible.

Manmeet is on the phone with a customer. But instead of taking an order or solving a problem, he is romancing the woman on the other end. Meanwhile, Todd is videoconferencing with Jerry, his boss. As Jerry smacks his lips over Kansas City BBQ, he tells Todd that he needs to evaluate his team; sales figures are being scrutinized. Rajiv is pleased. He gleefully tells Todd that fear and shame are the best motivators of all.

Todd begins his evaluations. He tells wallflower Midhuri she needs to be more assertive, then asks her to practice on him. She responds by asking Todd to pronounce her name correctly. Todd's embarrassed that he's been mispronouncing her name all along and does his best to get the pronunciation just right. After a few tries he asks for Madhuri's feedback. She ambiguously bobs her head up and down and side to side; apparently he doesn't quite have it but she appreciates the effort. He evaluates Manmeet next and gives him the good news that he's got the highest customer satisfaction rating. Manmeet's got good news for Todd too: he's brought him a burger - a lentil burger. But it's just no substitute for American cooking, and Todd wretches. Todd invites Manmeet out to dinner later in a big hotel so he can enjoy a steak.

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