Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 4 - Party of Five

Todd's taken delivery of the latest Mid-America Noveltiescatalog products: racy t-shirts. With slogans like "Save water, shower together," "Mustache rides, 10 cents," "Spooning may lead to forking," etc., the staff is a confused and somewhat offended. But Todd assures them they're just for fun. The cultural gap is as wide as ever.

In the cafeteria, Charlie asks Todd if he's got a girl back home. Todd says he does, though it's not so serious; he's also a bit sheepish to admit he told her he was leaving the U.S. to go to Iraq. Charlie lets Todd in on his secret: today he's going to ask Tonya out. He's a bundle of nerves and insists that Todd stay put as his wingman to help with the encounter. Surprisingly, Tonya agrees to go out to dinner - but makes sure to include Todd in the invitation. They all agree to go out the next night. Charlie lets Todd know he needs to find a date of his own to bring along.

Back in the office, Todd asks Manmeet about how dating works in India. Manmeet explains how different it is in his country - and how alluring it seems in America. Still, he encourages Todd to ask Asha out. Emboldened, Todd marches straight to break room and confidently asks Asha if she'd like to join their group going out the next night. He encourages her to pick any restaurant; she hesitates ever so briefly, and then tells Todd that she'd love to join them. A moment later Gupta enters, jubilant that he'll be joining them too. Not exactly Todd's plan.

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