Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 5 - Jolly Vindaloo Day

In the corporate cafeteria, the "A Team" of call center reps confronts Madhuri, Manmeet, Gupta and the others at their table. They're superior reps and demand that the B Team give up their seats. Madhuri rises to leave, but Manmeet is defiant. The smug A Teamers hurl American put-down after put-down, but the Mid America gang holds their ground. The A Team vows revenge and walks off.

Rajiv begs Asha for her help: he needs to convince Todd to leave the office for the day so he can impress his future father-in-law that, in fact he is the manager. A solid career position is a requirement if he is to win his beloved's hand in marriage. He tells Todd that today is Vindaloo Day, named after the spicy dish. Asha backs him up and Todd swallows the whole story.

Relieved to have the rest of the day off, Todd saunters down the streets of Mumbai, wishing "Jolly Vindaloo Day" to everyone he sees. They look on curiously. He buys a pound of "throwing spice" – another part of the ruse – and returns to the cafeteria where he tosses some onto Charlie, his ex-pat colleague. Charlie looks up his list of Indian holidays and informs Todd he's been duped.

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