Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 8 - Home for the Diwalidays

Todd walks the streets of Mumbai, amazed at colorful Diwali plays everywhere. He sees a resplendent Manmeet who explains it's the biggest holiday of the year, celebrating the triumph of good over evil in an elaborate series of festivals. Meanwhile, Rajiv is haggling with a street-side sari vendor. Diwali is also a celebration of gift-giving and he's driving a hard bargain to get his beloved Vimi a beautiful garment. Todd and Madhuri look on in shock and respect at his negotiating skills.

The office staff is bedecked in their Diwali best. Madhuri gives Todd a present: some fresh homemade barfi, a sort of cake. Office workers are decorating, including the hanging of an ancient Hindu symbol: the swastika. Todd is appalled. But Rajiv explains it's an ancient Sanskrit design designating good luck. Todd's enlightened, but still doesn't want it above his desk.

The call center team is excited by the prospect of the holiday. Asha will be having dinner with her potential future husband's family for the first time. But Todd's caught off guard and explains that it's not a holiday in America. The calls must still get answered.

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