Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 10 - Homesick to my Stomach


Todd's excited: his air-shipped box of genuine St. Louis-style barbeque ribs has arrived. The curious call center team gathers around as their boss tears open the box only to discover the meat's teeming with cockroaches. Some of the cockroaches take wing, with one landing on Rajiv and crawling up his shirtsleeve and onto his back. Trying to squash the bug, the call center team takes gleeful turns swatting Rajiv.

Tonya's used her airline connections to get Todd a discount ticket back to the U.S. for the holidays. Todd's touched, but feels it might be too large of a gesture for where they are in their relationship. But Tonya insists. With the holidays approaching, Todd's definitely been feeling more homesick. He tunes in to a webcam call with his friends back home who are preparing to watch football. With the team looking on, Todd explains some of the peculiarities of American football fandom - like painting your team's colors and logo on your naked chest. He makes a plan with Charlie to go watch the game at a local bar.

Rajiv's increasingly irritated with the call center team. Todd's lax attitude and style is making them soft; they're personalizing their workspaces and acting unprofessionally. He starts a lecture on workplace comportment and attire just as Todd breezes in wearing his Kansas City Chiefs jersey. Todd rejects Rajiv's ideas, telling him the team's workplace attire is just fine for people working the phones.

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