The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 5 Episode 9"No Boundaries" Review

Real Housewives of Orange County

Tonight's episode has a surprising twist to it that I did not see coming and we as viewers saw a side of Alexis that we have not yet seen on this show. Gretchen decided to invite the girls to a modern day tupperware party. At that party Alexis' husband Jim was talking to another one of Gretchen's friends that we have not seen prior on this show. Just when you think that everything is smoothing out on the show, anger and jealousy get thrown into the mix.

Alexis did not like the fact that this woman was making friendly with her husband and confronted her in a hostile manner. This show is just full of drama. I have caught some of the other Housewives series, and the New Jersey one is quite entertaining and dramatic, but this season is blowing the socks off the others with all its drama.

You can see that Gretchen and Alexis were getting closer during this episode and after watching this show, it can make anyone wonder how these women find so much time to do all this socializing. Wait, one easy answer to that question, money and nannies. It's a great show to break yourself from your own reality. Because some of us just don't live that kind of luxurious lifestyle.


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