5 Wolverine stories we hope Darren Aronofsky reads before making his movie [Movies]

Wolverine is becoming as prolific in movies as he is in comics — and now we need some quality control. Here are five Wolverine moments from the comics that we hope Darren Aronofsky and other film-makers read before filming Logan. 

For most heroes, a story in which they get thoroughly and humiliatingly trounced in a fight shouldn't have any bearing on their story. It is their story, after all, and it should showcase their strengths and their power. The problem is, that's what the X-Men movies have been doing already. In the first he's the hard-as-nails cage fighter who instantly turns gooey for the kid and the woman. The second is so much about his intense love affair with someone else's wife. The third disposes of the husband completely so he can love Jean Grey guilt free, while he saves the world. 



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