On '16 and Pregnant,' Ashley Is Reunited With the Baby That She Gave Away (VIDEO)

When you're pregnant and have just entered your teenage years, all choices must be hard choices. On the new '16 and Pregnant,' high school senior Ashley must deal with the consequences of her choice.

Ashley Salazar lives in suburb of Dallas, Texas. She has dreams of moving to Manhattan and becoming a photojournalist. But those dreams had to change, once Ashley became pregnant at sixteen. Justin, her ex-boyfriend, didn't stick around -- and so Ashley made the hard decision to give up her daughter Callie for adoption.

On the new episode (Tue., 10PM ET on MTV), Ashley gets to hold her daughter for the first time in months. Ashley gave up Callie, letting her aunt and uncle care for the child. She then went on to pursue her dreams of attending college in New York City. But did Ashley make the right choice? And was there ever a one hundred percent "right" choice for the teen to make?


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