Why Aren't You Watching 'Pawn Stars?' - Starpulse

When "Antiques Road Show" premiered in America thirteen years ago, it astoundingly became something of a phenomenon. The idea of attaching a monetary figure to all that old junk people collected made for some interesting, if not particularly compelling, television. The problem was, of course, no one ever got to sell their antiques as the show only appraised, and never purchased items or put them up for auction. Also, there were only so many antique vases a fellah could see before wondering what else was on. Enter "Pawn Stars".

Following the proprietors of the family owned "Gold & Silver" pawn shop in downtown Las Vegas. "Pawn Stars" takes the appraisal element of "Antiques Road show" and mixes it with a rock n roll vibe, some curse words, a cast of characters only Las Vegas could provide, and most importantly, shows us the money.

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