Recap Third Watch: Season 3, Episode 6 - He Said, She Said

Third Watch Season 3 Episode 6 - He Said, She Said

Carlos decides to look for a roommate, and Ty takes him up on the offer, but Carlos goes running in the other direction when a mischevious Sergeant Christopher implies that Ty Davis might be gay While patrolling in a neighborhood known for prostitution, Faith and Bosco pull over a man driving while getting oral sex. The two cops joke around with the man and advise him and the apparent prostitute he's with to get a room. Later, the two cops are called to an apartment and find the girl from the car is crying rape. A horrified Faith becomes convinced that they misread the original situation, while Bosco, deep in denial, insists that their instincts were correct and the girl is lying. Meanwhile, the mother of the rape victim files a complaint against the way Bosco treated her daughter, possibly dashing his hopes of ever getting into ESU. Faith, on the stand at the preliminary hearing, has to support her partner while still supporting the claim of rape, and so incriminates herself as the one that misread the situation and made the young girl so uncomfortable that she couldn't ask the cops for help. Bosco, fully convinced now that the rape claim is true, is devastated. The accused rapist is later found shot in his car.

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