Recap Third Watch: Season 3, Episode 9 - Sex, Lies & Videotape

Third Watch Season 3 Episode 9 - Sex, Lies & Videotape

Alex wants Ty to keep their relationship quiet. When Carlos almost walks in on them, he's so shocked and happy that Ty is straight that he doesn't realize that the girl is Alex. Carlos lets Ty know that Jason Christopher is the one who told him that Ty was gay.

Faith finishes her radiation treatments and is in pretty bad shape, but doesn't take Dr. Case's advice to take some time off. When everyone notices how sick she looks at the beginning of the tour, she lies and tells them that she caught a bug from her kids.

Later, Sully and Ty are called to rescue a family that has been shot and left for dead in the river. When they arrive at the scene, the father, Jared McKinley, tells them that they were abducted, robbed, driven to the river and shot. Hoping to locate some witnesses, Sully and Ty run a check on the license plates of the cars parked along the river and find that one of the cars was registered to McKinley, which makes him their prime suspect in the shootings.

While McKinley is being treated at the hospital, a dispatch about holding him for questioning comes through, which he overhears. McKinley escapes by pushing Doc through a plate glass window and stealing a car parked in the ambulance bay. Doc pursues him on foot until Sully and Ty drive up to the hospital and begin to follow him. McKinley leads them on a high speed chase, and evades them when Sully and Ty become involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

Bosco and Faith take up the chase, first by car, and then on foot when McKinley crashes into another car and runs from the scene into a nearby apartment building. Faith, barely able to keep up, repeatedly asks Bosco to wait for the backup she's requested. Finally, she collapses on the stairs, and Bosco continues to press on alone, even when she doesn't respond to his calling her name. Bosco finds McKinley behind an open door and they struggle fiercely until McKinley manages to get Bosco's gun and shoot him in the chest. Faith comes to the open door, tells McKinley that she needs to check on Bosco, and offers to put her gun away if he will put down Bosco's gun. As he raises Bosco's gun to shoot her, the ESU team on an adjacent roof shoots and kills him.

Back at the hospital, Bosco is treated for a broken rib. Faith, apologizing for not backing him up, finally tells him the truth about her cancer treatments.

Doc has been named as one of the finalists in the "Medic of the Year" contest, and is being followed and filmed by a documentary crew from the "Trauma Response" tv show. The crew is a nuisance to everyone but Carlos, who tries to get on camera as much as he can.

At the scene of Sully and Ty's MVA, a young teenager who was a passenger in one of the cars isn't breathing and Kim is having trouble intubating him. Since they must do something quickly, or the boy will die, Doc goes against regulations and removes the boy's cervical collar to intubate him. At the hospital, they discover that the boy will recover, but is now a quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury in his neck. Later that evening when Doc views the documentary crew's footage of the accident scene, he realizes that he caused the boy's quadriplegia when he removed the cervical collar.

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