Recap Third Watch: Season 3, Episode 11 - Old Dogs, New Tricks

Third Watch Season 3 Episode 11 - The Long Guns

Doc visits Ryan, who's now walking during his physical therapy sessions.

Carlos decides to take a ride on the fire pole and falls, losing consciousness. Doc, Kim and Alex bring him to the ER where he is finally awake and combative. Dr. Thomas admits him to the hospital for observation because of his head lac and LOC. The nursing staff settles a score with Carlos by putting him in a room with Rodger, a drunk he brought in the day before. Rodger is alternating between screaming, crying, whimpering and non-stop talking -- all at the top of his lungs. He's going through the DTs and can't be sedated, because he admits to being drunk since 1987. While Doc is in the ER filling out the paperwork on Carlos's trip to the hospital, he runs into his old partner Jerry Mankowitz. Jerry insists upon taking him out to dinner, during which Doc opens up to him about removing Ryan's cervical collar. He admits that he was jealous of all the attention that the documentary crew was paying to Carlos, and wonders if he was playing to the camera when he removed the collar. Jerry tells him that he did the right thing by saving Ryan's life. He also tells Doc to stop visiting Ryan at the hospital and drawing attention to his unusual interest in this boy's case.

Doc has Kim and Alex partner up for the day, which works out very well. When they go out on a call to treat a man injured in a bar fight and run into Sully and Ty, Kim notices a vibe between Alex and Ty. When Kim asks her about it later, Alex admits that they're involved.

When Tatiana leaves Sully's mother alone for a few minutes to go to the store and get some milk, Mrs. Sullivan gets a bad burn on her arm. In the ER, Dr. Thomas tells Sully that her injury is severe and may require surgery, and is complicated by her previously undiagnosed diabetes. He admits her to the hospital and tells Sully that she needs to go to a nursing home when she is discharged. Sully overcomes his initial anger at Tatiana for leaving his mother alone when he sees how devastated and sorrowful she is over his mother's injury.

Bosco drags Faith along to do surveillance on Charlie B, a drug dealer he has been trying to get off the street. Bosco popped him five times while Faith was out sick, but could never find his stash. The surveillance pays off and they bring Charlie and the drugs into the station house. Looking for bigger fish to fry, Bosco convinces him to set up his distributor in exchange for getting the charges against him dropped. Charlie sets up the meet in a parking lot. When the distibutor arrives, Bosco is shocked to discover that it's his brother Michael. When Michael refuses to roll over on his suppliers, Bosco arrests him.

Unable to sleep, Carlos wanders the floor and sees Ryan saying goodbye to Jerry Mankowitz. After Jerry leaves, Carlos tells Ryan that they worked together until Jerry was shot on the job. Ryan tells Carlos that Jerry is now working as a private investigator for his personal injury attorney.

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