Recap Third Watch: Season 3, Episode 12 - The Long Guns

Third Watch Season 3 Episode 12 - Cold Front

Carlos finally finds out that Ty and Alex are sleeping together. Ty considers just being friends with Alex. Bosco continues his crusade to get into ESU and buddies up to Hobart more than ever. Sully tries to warn Bosco that Hobart is a mess and has domestic violence charges against him, but Bosco won't listen. When Hobart goes after his wife again, Ty warns Bosco that Hobart is going to be arrested, and Bosco tries to go get Hobart to turn himself in. Hobart takes Bosco hostage in an attempt to be shot down by his own snipers, and succeeds. A series of robberies by PCP users plagues the precinct. Bosco's mom won't talk to him since he arrested his own brother. Faith considers taking the sergeant test. Doc finds out the tape of his procedure on Ryan Buckley has been subpoenaed.

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