Recap Third Watch: Season 3, Episode 14 - Superheroes Part 1

Third Watch Season 3 Episode 14 - Superheroes (1)

Bosco, still angry with Yokas for expressing concerns that got him forced into therapy, gets a new partner, Ross, who advises him what to tell the therapist so that the sessions can come to a speedy conclusion. Yokas is partnered up with Gusler, who is still overwhelmed and intimidated by the job.

Tatiana's son Sergei is almost beaten to death by Russian mobsters who kill five of his friends. Yokas and Gusler get the call, and Yokas skillfully manages to get the cooperation of a neighbor who witnessed the murders and is willing to identify the perps. On the basis of his statement, they are able to obtain warrants and set off to make the arrests. When Sully finds out what has happened to Sergei and who is responsible, he is outraged, and sets off with Davis to make an arrest, without calling for the backup Davis thinks is necessary.

The Russian mobsters have also killed several members of a rival gang in a drive-by. When Bosco and Ross arrive at the scene, Bosco sees a familiar drug dealer, C-Note, who informs him that one of the dead dealers is his little brother. Knowing that C-Note will go after the men who killed his brother, Bosco and Ross tail him.

Sully and Davis arrive at a restaurant where the mobsters are attending a wedding. Sully clears the place out, and begins to arrest the mob leader. Bosco and Ross follow C-Note and his running buddies and they all end up at the same place where Sully is making his arrest. Over Ross' objections, Bosco decides to arrest C-Note and his buddies without calling for backup, even though they are outnumbered. Seconds later, Yokas and Gusler and their ESU backup also arrive at the same restaurant to make their arrests, unaware that Sully, Davis, Bosco and Ross are already there.

C-Note and his buddies get out of their SUV with machine guns in hand, and begin to rain bullets into the restaurant. They then turn their guns on Bosco and Ross. Bosco decides to make a run for it to draw their fire, and Yokas and Ross manage to kill several of the assailants. Back inside the restaurant Davis manages to shoot C-Note, but not before being seriously wounded himself.

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