Recap Third Watch: Season 3, Episode 15 - Superheroes Part 2

Third Watch Season 3 Episode 15 - Superheroes (2)

Ty is shot in the leg, but makes it through surgery okay. Both Ty and his mother are upset with Sully for dragging Ty into the whole thing. Alex and Ty are unsure of how to act around each other in these circumstances. Bosco's one-day partner Ross is shot and killed. Examining the scenario later, Bosco wonders if it was, indeed, the bad guys who shot Ross. Faith's one-day partner Gusler pees himself during the whole shoot-out and later, in a state of shock, quits the force. Faith goes to get her witness so that she can keep Chevchenko locked up, but the old man has already been thrown out a window. Sully blames Sergei for everything, claiming his step-son sent him into a setup, and threatens the boy if Ty dies. Later, Faith and Sully compare notes and realize Sergei might be only the witness against Chevchenko that's left. Sully tries to find his step-son, but Tatiana has already signed him out of the hospital and Sully gets home just in time to find Tatiana leaving with a suitcase. Faith is surprised when she gets a few days off after having shot and killed one of the bad guys because she barely even noticed it. Faith vows to see Chevchenko behind bars permanently. Bosco and Faith make their peace. Doc finds out that, thanks to Jerry, the tape of his recent mishap is gone and attorneys are no longer looking to sue him. Doc tries to thank his friend, but Jerry is still upset with the way Doc treated him before.

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