Recap Third Watch: Season 3, Episode 18 - The Unforgiven

Third Watch Season 3 Episode 18 - The Greater Good

Sully's wife has suddenly and inexplicably left him. Distraught and bitter, Sully confronts a priest, Father Romero, and recalls an upsetting event involving Romero. After saving the life of Manuel Velez, a hero who rescued a child from a fire before almost succumbing to the smoke, Sully discovers that Velez is a fugitive being pursued by a ruthless bounty hunter, Bill Stram. Realizing that Velez is a good husband and father who has reformed his life since escaping justice, Sully tries to protect him from Stram. But during a gun battle, Sully accidentally kills Velez instead of Stram. Feeling guilty for many reasons--the failure of his own marriage, the death of Velez, the near-fatal wounding of Davis in a recent incident--Sully confesses that he has no faith in God. Romero persuades Sully to continue striving to improve the world through his work.

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