Recap Third Watch: Season 3, Episode 21 - Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days

Third Watch Season 3 Episode 21 - Blackout

Eight months after the World Trade Center disaster, Taylor learns that the body of her father, a fellow firefighter, has been recovered from the site. She has an emotional reunion with her mother, Beth (VERONICA HAMEL - "Hill Street Blues"), and uncle, Mike (BRUCE WEITZ - "Hill Street Blues"), along with her father's best friend, Tommy (ED MARINARO - "Hill Street Blues"). Meanwhile, Sully becomes obsessed with learning the sordid details of Tatiana's secret past--and he discovers that it involves his bitter enemy, Russian mobster Fyodor Chevchenko (recurring guest star ROY SCHEIDER). And Yokas and Bosco carefully observe David Frisker (MATTHEW BEISNER), a man who was convicted of raping elderly women but released due to a technicality in his court case.

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