Recap Life: Season 1, Episode 3 - Let Here Go

A Mercedes has crashed into a ravine, and its female passenger has been shot dead in the stomach. Crews proceeds down the ravine to find a man with a bloody gash on his forehead jingling a set of car keys. He's waiting for his wife outside their favorite restaurant, and thinks Crews is the valet. Wondering where his wife got to, the guy finally realizes that Crews is definitely not the valet.

Dani and Crews check out the Mercedes. The bullet went from the back seat through the front passenger seat and entered the victim's stomach, so she was turned around. Dani and Crews visit the husband, Peter Stylman, in the hospital. He remembers nothing. His head hurts and he has to go home and tell his kids that their mother is dead. Meanwhile, Ted takes a swim, getting nervous when a coyote appears to stare at him in the middle of the day.

Dani and Crews go over Peter's timeline: he left the restaurant with his wife at 9:45, confirmed by several witnesses. The GPS in his car indicates that Peter stopped at a gas station. The attendant did notice that Peter was talking to a really big Latino guy with a lot of tattoos but didn't see anything else. Later, Crews head to a bar and accosts Ames, the detective that investigated his murder case 12 years ago. Crews shows him the crime scene photo of Rachel's bed - she must have witnessed the murders. Putting money on the bar for Ames next round, Crews leaves.

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Aug 23, 2012 4:30AM EDT

Why would talking to the lying arresting officer ruin Crews settlement agreement.?
Why does his boss want to drum him out of the force so badly?
where is Rachel and is there a missing witness statement some where?
Wow so many questions and I would like the

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