Recap Life: Season 1, Episode 5 - The Fallen Woman

Constance calls Crews in tears, and he rushes to her office. There's a broken vase on the floor, and she's got a bloody lip. She admits that Cudahy hit her when she told him she couldn't get him a settlement like Crews'. He was right about Cudahy, but she just wanted Cudahy to be Crews. All those years Crews was hers, but now he's not. Crews holds Constance and tells her everything's going to be okay.

A young woman wearing a little black dress and fake angel wings plummets out of a hotel room onto a car parked on Hollywood Boulevard. Stark is already on the scene managing a growing crowd. Witnesses claim she just fell from the sky. Dani thinks she came from an open hotel window with billowing curtains, but the manager claims the room was empty. Media coverage of the fallen angel is already on TV.

Back at the precinct, the crazies are lined up to make statements, but the first guy in line, unassuming Jasper, keeps giving away his place. A woman "sees" that Dani has lost her faith; it's waiting for her if she wants it back. Crews asks Stark for a favor, to compile a list of Cudahy's known associates. On the way to investigate another fallen angel, Crews puts a plastic angel on the dashboard of Dani's car. She throws it out the window, so he accuses her of being hostile, but she claims she's not even close to hostile.

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Jun 5, 2016 10:30AM EDT

OK 5 shows in and still too many questions that need to be answered.
So his lawyer fell in love with her client but he never took the bait.

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