Recap Life: Season 1, Episode 6 - Powerless

During a training exercise, Crews mixes with the uniforms, hanging out with Stark and his new partner, Juarez. Stark and Crews reminisce about the good old days, swapping cop stories on stake out. Stark was always the best storyteller, and Crews asks him to recount his story of the Bank of LA robbery, the biggest case in the last several years; 5 dead, $18 million missing. Bobby was right in the middle of the action.

Reese nurses a beer at a bar. She notices a hot guy, they nod at each other, and then leave together. They're both heading to an AA meeting at the church down the street - great minds think alike. Rick flirtatiously introduces himself, and then sits with Stacey at the meeting. Reese is about to leave when Rick gets up to beg for help staying sober. He admits that when he drinks, he hurts women. The last time he went on a binge a year ago, there was an incident. The woman could have made trouble but didn't.

Reese waits for Rick outside the meeting. What's with begging for help to stay sober? Rick admits he slipped. He refuses to talk about the hurting women thing except to say it's over. He asks if he can call Reese, but she walks away. At the station, she tells Crews that she just heard Rick confess to rape and she thinks he is about to do it again. Crews wonders what Reese was doing in a bar, and claims her evidence is circumstantial.

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Aug 23, 2012 9:57AM EDT

True blood and Mad Men were in this show before becoming big real big. this show is getting to be by the book meaning boring ... so if Tacktal were the only ones that were at the LA bank stakeout it means one of the cops were the 6th man, not his old partner.

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