Recap Life: Season 1, Episode 7 - A Civil War

After a dream about light, Crews decides he wants to buy a solar farm. Ted informs it won't turn a huge profit, but Crews wants to contribute to restoring harmony on the planet. Crews and Reese report to a gas station food mart, where two Persian American students have been shoot in the head and stuffed in the freezer. The murderer has scrawled "Go Home" with motor oil, and an angry mob gathers outside.

Someone in the crowd throws a firecracker, and Stark takes down an angry skinhead with a crowbar, averting a riot. A white store clerk knows there were three shooters, who can be seen in security camera footage. Beside herself, Persian Roya Dervishi and her daughter Shahnaz push through the crowd. They ID the victims as friends of Roya's son Amir, who would have been with them.

In the elevator, Reese hears Stark mutter something about the Bank of L.A. robbery and asks him to repeat it. He tells her to step back, because she's crossing a line. Davis wrangles a ton of city and federal officials, explaining that the case will be handled as a regular homicide, and she wants it solved so there are no racial incidents. The victims were honors students at USC Business school and were both arrested for dealing pot previously, though their records were expunged.

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Jun 7, 2016 12:33PM EDT

OK mad men is back in Ted's step mom to be visiting. seriously when did Crews get so proficient with computers if the internet age passed him by while in jail or is he just tech savvy enough. What a loss he connected with Mary Anne Farmer and that would have been a cool love story new money meeting new money.

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