Recap Life: Season 1, Episode 8 - Farthingale

While taking surveillance photographs of Ames meeting with a white-haired guy in the park, Crews listens to a Zen tape: we are not alone, we are all connected, there is no difference between us and our enemies. Later, Crews and Reese report to a crime scene. While standing behind a refrigerator door, a guy's stove exploded, vaporizing his legs. There are two IDs on the body, one for Edward Farthing and another for Joseph Gale.

Reese and Crews split up to talk to the victim's two wives. Elena Farthing and Marissa Gale both say their husband had a secret job working for the government and would often become forgetful, disappearing for periods of time. Reese and Crews decide to put both names through the government database, and find it unlikely that the wives conspired to kill the guy, since both seemed happy in their marriages.

Crews discusses the two wives thing with Ted, who admits that he lied to his one wife about girls and private jets. Crews decides it's time to get some furniture. At the station, the fire department report on the stove comes back: it was rigged to explode. Phone records on the two wives indicate that they haven't communicated. Suddenly, Davis gets a call about an officer down in the parking garage: Ames has been shot.

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Aug 23, 2012 12:16PM EDT

Wow so the whole police department and New York county is after Crews. what is the conspiracy is Govt involvement Ala 24 come on that's too much . so Reese's daddy is a dirty Cop and I wonder where has he put the 12 million. Oh well one bad cop dead another few more dead cops to go. It seems a lot of people prospered from charlies down fall and will have their perfect sweater unravel one wool strain at a time.

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