Recap Life: Season 1, Episode 9 - Serious Control Issues

Crews spreads out the contents of his conspiracy closet on the kitchen island to show Ted, who thinks it's all a bit crazy. Crews explains that not only did Rachel witness the murders, but Ames lied about it on the police report. And now Ames is dead, right after Crews saw him arguing with Jack Reese, the SWAT Team Leader on the Bank of LA case where all that money went missing. Ted has to agree that it's all beginning to sound scary. Crews is determined to bring what's hidden into the light.

Crews watches as Jack collects his morning paper, only to find an envelope containing Crews's photos of Jack arguing with Ames. Crews reports to a murder scene under a highway bridge. A girl with a guitar has had her throat slit, but there's no blood, so she must have been killed elsewhere. Crews spies two girls, and offers fruit in exchange for info. Josie lived with them under the bridge and hung out at a grocery store where some guy used to give her food in exchange for tunes.

Crews and Reese tell Davis that Josie had consensual sex about two hours before she was murdered. They decide to case the supermarket before the trail gets too cold. Crews asks Davis if there's anything he can do to help on the Ames investigation, but she sends him away to talk to Reese. IA is going to want to talk to her about Crews. The trouble he's making is beyond the department, and "they" can't let it get out. Davis isn't sure how much longer she can protect Reese from being set up.

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Aug 23, 2012 1:15PM EDT

I now know why the producers of Homeland on showtime choose Damien Lewis to play the captured prisoner of war. Here on this show he was held captive for 12 years was suppose to have a life sentence on the other show he is held prisoner for 8 years. That's were the similarities end I wonder if Dani is really Rachel in the photo's and she has different name but of course that is not possible since she would recognize uncle charlie right away and she would not be a little girl anymore but a teenager or young adult by now.

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