Recap Life: Season 1, Episode 10 - Dig A Hole

Crews and Reese report to a building site, where a mummified body has been unearthed, holding a rose. The Foreman explains that the site used to house a Zen center, and Reese learns that the owner, Tim Chang disappeared ten years ago owing three months rent. At the morgue, Crews and Reese discover Tim Chang's driver's license and an old cell phone on the corpse, which was buried alive. Tech Beth retrieves two numbers that were called frequently on November 30, 1997, and Crews calls one of them.

Crews and Reese visit Amy Dujardin and her husband Luke, both physics professors at USC. Amy didn't know Chang, but Luke did. Luke speaks in Zen riddles like Crews, explaining that none of them are really here, since they are constantly in motion. Luke experienced a crisis of faith ten years ago, and Master Chang helped him out. He recalls that Chang made instructional videotapes with a couple of potheads, but he can't remember their names.

Beth tracks down nerdy potheads Sean and Ryan, who have moved into a glass mansion due to the success of their website, They didn't think it was weird when fellow pothead Zen Master Flash disappeared ten years ago, just Zen. Their sexy, ditzy wives, Sherri and Ginger make an appearance, and Crews realizes that the guys don't have a lot of dating experience. They admit that they owe everything to Zen Master Flash, who hooked them up with "broken yoga chicks" at the Zen center.

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Jun 6, 2016 4:44PM EDT

so 1 more till the end of season 1 and we now know who the real killer of charlies friend is. Why in heavens name did charlies attorney take a job as a prosecutor knowing full well how corrupt justice can be especially with district attorneys.
so will season 2 be a good ending to a show that gets cancelled or crap ?

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