Recap Life: Season 1, Episode 11 - Fill It Up

Crews proceeds to the prison to meet with inmate Mark Rawls, who owes Crews a favor for saving his son. Rawls agrees to reach out and try to get in touch with Kyle Hollis, whom Crews believes killed the Seybolts. Crews and Reese report to an apartment crime scene, where Stark presides. When a man came home two hours late for dinner, his wife shot him through the door. Her hands are covered in meat sauce, the gun's missing, and the apartment is chock full of marijuana plants.

Stark can't find the gun, so Reese demands that he keep looking. Suggesting that detectives have better eyesight than grunts, Stark invites Reese to look for herself. Crews notices a rough-looking guy, who hands him a phone. Rawls is on the line. Kyle, now known as Reverend Orson Parker, lives in Indio with his daughter, and Crews isn't the only one looking for him. Charlie asks Reese and Stark to cover for him while he deals with something, much to Reese's dismay.

Crews drives fast listening to a Zen tape, which asks what's the sense of hurting another? How does it better me? Claiming it just does, Crews throws the tape out the window. He pulls up to a cabin on a lake, putting his service revolver under the seat, pulling a .38 from the glove box. The cabin seems deserted except for a tape on the VCR - Kyle preaching an evangelical sermon. When Crews turns off the VCR, a 21-year old girl lying on the kitchen floor with a stab wound, asks him to turn it back on. She wants to see her Dad.

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Jun 7, 2016 12:21AM EDT

how in heavens name could seybolt family killer also be Rachel adoptive father the psychological mojo that must have been done on this girl to forget the man she is living with is also her real parents killer. Wow Reese's daddy is a bad guy after all revenge is best served ZEN. what will happen to all the people who have screwed with this guy and why was he the chosen one. Yes Now Lost and the good wife this actor is always playing bad guy's in films and television shows.

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