Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 1 - Find Your Happy Place

First Victim: Detectives Crews and Reese are called to the concrete-lined Los Angeles River to examine a murder victim - a young exotic dancer who has suffocated inside a locked box, marked with the number 1.

Box # 2: Minutes later, another trunk, this one left in the middle of the 405 freeway. The victim: a man is his mid-40s, also suffocated. He's Glen Price, an investment banker in partnership with his wife.

Before they can fully investigate victim number two, Crews and Reese are called to the roof of an office building. Victim number three, Lisa Robards, is removed from yet another box. In her wallet, the detectives find her business card: "Unending Notes... sentiments for all occasions." As her body is removed from the trunk, the detectives notice a stenciled "3" on the floor of the trunk - the murderer is taunting them by keeping count.

The detectives head for Unending Notes, a stationery store. They ask the young clerk about his boss, Lisa Robards, but he knows nothing. Later at the station, a man explains to the detectives that a disguised man came into his luggage store recently and bought ten trunks - just like the ones used by the murderer.

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Aug 23, 2012 4:26PM EDT

money laundering is why the family was killed, but why was charlie set up I smell govt conspiracy Ala 24 so how high does the chain go ? Why is Jack Reese allowed to go free like that this show is infuriating at times. so season 2 find the girl rachel and who set up charlie in the first place.

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