Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 2 - Everything ... All the Time

A giant outdoor swimming pool, partially drained, is a crime scene. The victim, 36-year-old Max Horta, slumps in an office chair, bound, beaten, dead - an apparent gang victim. As Detectives Charlie Crews and Dani Reese investigate, Captain Tidwell's men round up gang suspects en masse. "Round 'em all up, toss 'em in cells, see who squawks," explains the boss.

Crews and Reese interview the victim's daughters. The younger daughter, Elsa, explains that her father was very angry with someone on the phone the night he was killed, yelling something about "the Bankley Building." The older daughter screams when she hears this - she had been at a party the night before at the building. She doesn't really remember anything about her father coming there, explaining that her drink was spiked with drugs.

The medical examiner explains that the victim was beaten to death by someone with incredible strength using their bare hands, "an animal." The detectives suspect the murderer might be a steroid user.

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Aug 23, 2012 6:51PM EDT

OK so oc , House and csi Miami were present on this episode, the one person that will get Rachel to talk Crews is not your ex wife but preacher Hollis fire the same one she calls daddy she loves to hear his sermons. Rich kids gone wrong what a cliche episode dear serial killers why not start killing off rich kids randomly they do not contribute to the world at all. Donal logue bores me to death but I do like the new york I don't give a crap stick.

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