Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 4 - Not For Nothing

With his Jack Reese file spread on the table, Detective Charlie Crews listens to a wiretap recording from Jack Reese's car. "It was six, it is five but it could be just as easily four." Ted walks in, hears it, asks if it's a wiretap, if it's legal, and what it means. Crews indicates that it's not legal, and that he's trying to figure out what it means. Crews gets a call from his partner Detective Dani Reese telling him they've caught a murder.

In a prison underneath Los Angeles University, a guard lies dead with his throat cut. Charlie notices a tattoo near the victim's ankle with the Greek letters, "Tau, Xi Sigma." Everyone's accounted for in the prison, so they know the killer is still inside. They walk up a stairway and emerge in a gorgeous college campus with equally gorgeous co-eds.

While Crews, Stark and Reese search for the murder weapon, Professor Halliday enters the prison past angry student hecklers. Halliday tells Crews he saw Ryan Sagel, the victim, dead on his computer. He explains that he's conducting a prison experiment with randomly selected students to role-play prisoners and guards. And, that his role is to only observe the experiment as it takes on a life of its own. He's baffled that Ryan was killed, citing strict protocol that bans sharp objects. Reese wonders why it wasn't caught on camera. Halliday says there are 60-second blackouts built in for a heightened effect.

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Aug 23, 2012 9:41PM EDT

The prison experiment I think only works in the USA and England I wonder if It has been tried in University's in Canada , I don't think so. so 6 Rookie cops stay to- gether rob a bank and 1 by 1 they are killed off the whole fruit is rotten not just the part with the worm. Now that charlie now has to find out who the rookie cops are and what do they do now can we say Serpico it's going to go high up the Police force.

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