Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 5 - Crushed

Staring at a newspaper clipping about a slain police officer, Detective Charlie Crews listens to a wiretap recording, "There were six, now five. There could just as easily be four." On a diagram of slain police officers, he marks numbers over the ones whose names he knows. Number 3 is James Dunn, who went to the Academy with Jack Reese and supposedly committed suicide. Charlie talks to his widow, who says they only said he was cleaning his gun so she wouldn't lose the pension. Charlie asks her if she remembers the men in the clipping from her husband's funeral. She doesn't. Not even Jack Reese by name.

At a car wrecking yard, Reese and Charlie inspect a crushed car with a body inside. Reese says if the guy was lucky, he was dead before he was put in the car. The victim is Mike Brody, one of the junkyard drivers. Rob Dow, the dispatcher, says he put the car on the line and checked to make sure it was empty. Reese and Charlie inform his fiancée, Rosa. She tells them that every night, when he thought she was asleep, Mike would lock himself in the garage. In the garage, Charlie and Reese find a computer with pictures of a nude woman. Rosa sees and asks who the hell that is.

At the station, they've learned that Mike had been dead for a day before he was crushed. He had been having an online "thing" with a girl named Bethany who was playing a game with him. She sent pictures of her body each time he did something for her. Tidwell thinks "Bethany" is really a 13-year-old male with an online account and a social disorder. However, on the IM transcripts, Mike asks Bethany why she wants to be with that "fat cowboy," along with a dead-on description of Rob Dow, Mike's boss. They go back to the tow yard and see Rob typing frantically on his computer. They ask him about Bethany and he smashes the computer on the floor. They tackle him, and Reese ends up at the bottom of the dog pile.

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Aug 23, 2012 10:42PM EDT

OK so Jack Reese is going on the run and has been protecting Rachel from the bad men he use to know as Cops. I like The side bar of Ted teaching not so much of Crews and his ex wife he needs to find a new love How will it end.?

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