Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 7 - Jackpot

Rachel Seybold, now out of the psychological facility, is staying at Detective Charlie Crews' mansion. She tells Crews she probably won't stay long and isn't going to answer questions about Jack Reese or anything else. That's fine with Crews, who is more interested in her well-being. Rachel, taking in the mansion, asks if all this money is for staying in jail for 12 years. It is. She says, "I could do that."

At a posh downtown loft, Crews and Det. Reese investigate the murder of a woman stabbed from behind at her dining table. She still sits in her chair at the table, dressed in an evening gown. No forced entry; cooked dinner and lit candles suggest she was killed by someone she knew. The detectives also note that the stark, modern decor of the loft seems in contrast to the elegant style of the victim. From her driver's license, they learn her name is Hannah Ronson and she's been in LA three months. Crews notes a tattoo on her lower back: "Ben" on a heart. Jaguar keys have a keychain bearing the initials "LWA."

In the bedroom, a messed bed tells the story of sex before dinner. They also find luxury travel and French real estate brochures, all with notes listing the extravagant cost. Someone was planning some luxurious spending. On a calendar, "LWA" is written on many of the days. The Jaguar yields only a three-month-old lease and a church parking lot permit. Reese figures that "A" in LWA stands for anonymous. At the church, luxury cars populate the lot with an old Nova conspicuously parked among them. They find that LWA stands for the support group, "Lottery Winners Anonymous."

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Aug 24, 2012 12:59AM EDT

I want to be an LWA person in the future too.. So the sullen Teen Rachel can Talk ...

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