Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 8 - Black Friday

On Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, Dets. Charlie Crews and Dani Reese stand inside a mall before opening. Outside, a crowd waits to enter. At a festive Christmas display with huge presents wrapped in colorful paper, the body of Mitchell Clark, mall employee, lies among them. Dead of a snapped neck from a second-floor fall, it's unclear how he fell. Dave, head of mall security, officiously says he secured the crime scene. He doesn't know if Mitchell was depressed and hopes he didn't kill himself.

An air horn signals the mall's opening, which surprises the detectives, but Dave couldn't close the mall on Black Friday. Reese, Stark and Crews rush to try to stop them from opening the doors, but get there too late. The stampede of deal-hungry shoppers is on. The three run back to preserve the crime scene but when they return, Mitchell's body has disappeared. "It's a miracle," Crews quips.

With a stolen body, Tidwell, Crews and Reese now suspect Mitchell was murdered. They put K-9 cadaver dogs on search for the body and ask Dave where he was last night. Though he seems excited about being a suspect, he has an alibi - Thanksgiving with his sister in Ojai, where he slept over. At the shoe store where Mitchell worked, a manager says she knew something was wrong when the always punctual Mitchell didn't show up to open today. She was with her family last night and adds that Mitchell was dating Erica, a trampy girl way too young for him who works the hat kiosk.

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Yup I was right first intro of FBI involvement with crews false incarceration.

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