Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 9 - Badge Bunny

Drug dealer Felix Bana lies shot dead downtown. Yards away, Kendall Shay is dead of three gunshots to her back. White powder rings her nose and she reeks of tequila. Her sweatshirt reads, "Potter Elementary," a school far from the seedy crime scene. Crews talks to Justin, Felix's supplier. Justin is more worried about his cat Fluffy, who's at the vet, than Crews asking why a schoolteacher was shot. At the school where Kendall taught, Reese talks to Heidi, Kendall's friend and coworker. Heidi says Kendall didn't do drugs and never mentioned Felix. Reese asks if she might have partied with a boyfriend. Uncomfortable, Heidi says Kendall didn't date much.

At the station, Tidwell, Crews and Reese examine the contents of Kendall's desk. Crews finds a bunch of five-digit numbers in her address book and writes them on the board. Reese spoke to Kendall's parents, who said their daughter was at a very happy place in her life. Tidwell asks Reese if she tells her parents everything. Point taken. Tidwell looks at the board and recognizes the numbers as LAPD badge numbers. Next to them are grades. Looks like Kendall was a cop groupie, or "badge bunny," as Tidwell calls it. Tidwell, aware of the potential for an internal mess, warns everyone to question the cops with caution.

After matching six cops to the badge numbers, they head to the Lucky 7, a cop bar where they're holding a wake for Kendall. On their way out, Stark tells Crews he didn't know Kendall, but to let him know if his name comes up. At the Lucky 7, Crews is a hit with the badge bunnies while Reese is mistaken for one. Crews discreetly approaches the bartender about ID-ing the men on his list. Alex, a cop, overhears and snatches the list from Crews, offering help. He stands on the chair and tells Kendall's friends to go to a back room to help Crews and Reese with their investigation. Several cops head to the back room.

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Aug 24, 2012 3:36AM EDT

badge bunnies if it exist in real life I would like to know who would do it .

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