Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 11 - Canyon Flowers

Crews and Reese examine murder victim Frank Dunlap, buried up to his neck. Around his head, dianthus petals form the shape of a flower. Dunlap was shot before being buried. They find a tin of delivery food dated yesterday from Beverly Hills Cares, which includes a sugary desert. Frank's bracelet IDs him as diabetic, so the dinner wasn't his. At the charity, Mindy says Frank was their favorite driver who recently raised a ton of money for them. Frank had two delivery stops near the crime scene, for Flint Garber and Maude Paxton, who live at the same address. They visit the oddball roommates, who have not seen Frank for two days and were home last night.

Flint, Maude and Frank all have clean records. The database shows only one other murder where dianthus was found on the victim. Tidwell knows the case well: Johnny Hazlit, part of the Hazlit cult that killed ten people. Hazlit escaped conviction by dying of an overdose in 1972. The remaining Hazlits on record are in prison or dead; others went underground or disappeared. Tidwell tells them to keep it quiet, not wanting the press to think Hazlit or a copycat is out there. There's little info in the database, so Tidwell suggests dead record storage.

At Crews' suggestion, they go to the Museum of Murder and Mayhem. Crews knows about it because he went on a date there once. "It was her idea," he clarifies. They meet Squeaky and Tex, curators of the museum who met at a Ted Bundy auction. They don't have any .45 guns in their collection. Squeaky recognizes Crews, says he's two murders short of "mass murderum." Crews corrects: he's five short. Rex says there's talk about what Crews did in prison, Crews says there's talk about a lot of things. When showed his picture, both don't recognize Frank.

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Jun 1, 2016 9:50AM EDT

Finally back to why we are watching the show in the first place. enough already we have a rogue FBI agent, and Russian diplomat hello all people have superiors it time to reach out and talk to them. Poor Ted how will he get out of this jam.

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