Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 12 - Trapdoor

On their way to a murder scene, Reese tells Crews that she's taking the lieutenant's test. He's happy for her. At a construction site, three men lie dead of gunshot wounds, shot execution style. Two of the men have Russian mob tattoos; the other is a clean-cut young man. Away from Reese, Crews calls Rayborn to remind him that a week ago, Rayborn told him about FBI Agent Bodner being in the pocket of Russian mobster, Roman Nebekov. Now, he's standing over the bodies of some dead Russian wise guys. Crews thinks they're connected, so Rayborn tells him to do his job and find out why they're dead.

Reese and Crews examine the bodies. Two have their fingerprints burned off with acid. The Russian mobsters have rough calloused hands while the kid's hands look like he's never done hard labor in his life. Reese asks Crews if it's true about Ed being in prison for parole violation. In the prison yard, two inmates pick on Ted, thinking he has money. Just as they're about to beat him up, a huge inmate and his buddy approach and confirm he's Ted Earley. The huge inmate then tells Ted that Charlie Crews said not to worry, and advances on Ted's would-be attackers.

At the station, Crews and Reese brief Tidwell on their findings. One of the Russians had a partial print that Interpol returned as belonging to Pyotr Lavroff, and they think the other one is his brother Dmitry. Both had no record of entering the country and are low-level mobsters who did enforcement, collections and protection. The clean-cut man is still unidentified. Crews says no one will miss the wise guys, but that someone is definitely missing the kid. While Crews looks at Roman Nevikov's file, Reese gets a hit through Missing Persons on the third victim, who's named Paul.

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Aug 24, 2012 7:40AM EDT

wholly crap Crews gets shot the voice on the tape was either Rayburn or charlies father both actors have similar sounding tones.

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