Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 13 - Re-Entry

In the hospital, Crews is recovering from being shot. Reese says they've gotten nowhere. Ballistics are clean and the shooter left in a stolen car that they later found wiped clean. Reese wonders why Crews can't remember who did it since he was looking right at the person. Later, the doctor gives Crews the bullet that was taken from his chest. She says most people wouldn't want the bullet that shot them. Crews says, "Someone gave it to me. It would be rude to just throw it away."

Cleared to return to duty, Crews and Reese go to their first crime scene. They arrive in a neighborhood where a pilot William Ellis landed his plane in the middle of the road. He sits in the cockpit, dead of a gunshot wound to the side. Witnesses said he landed, looked at them and then died. No one else was in the plane and there's no gun. Reese and Crews ponder whether he was shot in the air or after he landed. And, if he shot himself or someone shot him and then parachuted out. Both think he looks familiar, but can't place why.

At the station, Reese and Crews brief Tidwell about William Ellis, a space shuttle pilot who became rich after he retired from NASA and started a company that makes rocket engine parts. A three-time space traveler, he was going to pay the Russians $35 million to take him back into space. Tidwell asks Crews about not being able to remember who shot him. He thinks Crews is holding back and says he isn't buying his story. Crews swears there's just a blank space when he tries to remember who shot him.

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Aug 24, 2012 8:35AM EDT

dejavu so the Roman Russian guy is running the strings when will the Cia get rid of him finally . How will it end? why won't he talk about her father and tell her the truth.
This is ridicules the storyline is too convoluted or too simple

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