Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 14 - Mirror Ball

At the Mayan nightclub, Crews and Reese investigate the death of Mitch Wagner, the lead singer of Hot Lead, a cover band for the legendary 70s glam band, Heavy Caliber. In full rock regalia and make-up, Mitch lies face down on stage, but there are no bullet wounds or signs of drug use. However, his make-up appears as if something was pressed against it. They notice a sheet of plastic stuck in a vent. Crews pulls it out and sees an imprint of Mitch's "death mask" on it, leading them to believe someone used it to suffocate Mitch.

Tidwell, Reese and Crews learn that Mitch fronted the cover band as Jude Hays, the original Heavy Caliber singer who died in the 70s. Tidwell and Reese disagree on how Hays died. Reese thinks it was a car accident, Tidwell thinks he drank himself to death. Mitch's wife was in San Diego at the time of the murder, and the Mayan staff said other three band members left right after the show. Crews refers to Reese as "Doc," a nickname he coined for her from her initials, "D.R." Tidwell likes it immediately, which angers Reese.

Band members Eric and Hal tell Crews they partied all night and then went home together. They say everyone changed out of costume before leaving the Mayan. Reese visits Dr. Stanton, self-proclaimed rock-and-roll dentist, whose lobby is populated with an attractive female clientele. She sees Stanton caress a female patient's face before she exits his office. In his office, Stanton takes a Sharpie pen and adds a mark to a wall full of hundreds of tally marks. All of the band members name Tyler Simms, the former "Jude Hays" for Hot Lead, as someone who might want to hurt Mitch.

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ok no more nice stuff he gets shot and it's a blip in the grand scheme of things?

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