Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 15 - I Heart Mom

Crews, Reese and Stark are called to a roofless house, where a man lies dead of a gunshot wound on the top floor. But, that's not all, the victim's throat and mouth is stuffed full of twenty dollar bills. Based on the weathering of the house, the roof appears to have been off for quite some time. Starks finds a car registered to a Roy McCullough from JHY Construction. Crews and Reese visit JHY Construction and talk to Sasha and Ian, who think they're a couple looking for a roof. However, when Reese reveals they're detectives and asks if Roy worked there, Sasha becomes visibly shaken.

Sasha and Ian, who say they were at the office doing taxes at the time of the murder, imply that Roy had other businesses on the side where he may have made some enemies. They search Roy's car and find several signs for different roofing companies. Yet, no roofing supplies. It appears Roy was running a scam.

They talk to Roy's previous customers, including Red Pesca, who's dressed in winter wear and has a cold because he's still roofless due to being scammed by Murray and Sons. He says Roy's company took the roof off his house and then wanted to charge him triple their previous agreement to put on the new one. Red threatened to sue and Roy told him to go ahead, he'd just declare bankruptcy and start a new company under a different name.

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Aug 24, 2012 10:46AM EDT

This show jumped the shark and took a wrong turn into comedy instead drama no wonder it got canceled. why introduce the secondary thing like Ted having a kid .. All these people leave and when will they be back.

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