Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 17 - Shell Life

Captain Tidwell tells Crews to come into his office and stomp on his foot that's fallen asleep. Hesitantly, Crews stomps until Tidwell can feel it. Officer Stark walks in just as Crews delivers the money stomp on the boss's foot. Ignoring what he just saw, Stark says there's a dead guy on the beach. At the crime scene, Travis Slocum lies dead, stabbed in the heart on a crowded sidewalk in broad daylight. A key on his body leads them to a nearby hotel.

With the key, Crews and Stark enter Travis' room and see four sets of army gear. Upon leaving, a no-nonsense woman sternly asks if she can help them. In her sunglasses, Crews sees two men sneaking up behind them and says she can tell her two friends to put their hands in the air. Stark spins around with gun drawn and stops them in their tracks. Cuffed, active duty soldiers Dixon Simms, Andy Diller and Erin Cordette sit while the police search their room. All say they were by the pool all day and moved on Crews and Stark because they thought they were burglars.

Tidwell asks Crews what he sees, admitting that Reese, who's away on FBI assignment, made him promise to ask. Crews is touched, but it's what he doesn't see. He asks the three why they aren't wearing their dog tags. They say they want to enjoy their two-week furlough as civilians. Crews says Tidwell thinks jealously between the guys led to the murder. They scoff, having been through hell together in Iraq. When Crews picks up Travis' backpack, Andy stands up protectively. Erin holds him back, assuring Andy, and at the same time telling Crews, that he'll treat Travis' belongings with respect.

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Aug 28, 2012 7:26AM EDT

So now we see charlie with different partners but still we are not getting closer to who set him up.

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